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Free dental check-ups, discounted dental care for staff and students of higher education institutions - that's what MindentMent CAMPUS-DENT offers.

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Learn about the benefits of MindentMent® Dental Clinic's CAMPUS-DENT PROGRAM

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Supporting dental screening and treatment is one of the most valuable forms of benefits. Reliable, high-quality dental care is valuable, and it is difficult to access.
This is particularly true for students and staff of higher education.

Benefits of the MindentMent CAMPUS-DENT PROGRAM:

  • Free dental check-up and panoramic X-ray twice a year,
  • Quick and easy online registration,
  • Good accessibility, 7 modern locations in Budapest,
  • Low prices and additional CAMPUS discounts

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Rita Aranyi
Director of the MindentMent® dental practice network


An institution of higher education is an inspiring cultural environment and can therefore do a great deal to promote dental culture.

CAMPUS-DENT is not only a social responsibility program, but also a competitive advantage in the increasingly competitive market for students and a new opportunity for employee recognition. The latter is also significant because the loss of cafeteria allowances has posed a major challenge for managers.

Ambassador for Dental Culture trademark

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MindentMent Dentistry has launched the CAMPUS-DENT programme and created the "Ambassador of Dental Culture" award, which is awarded to higher education institutions that join our program.

The trademark aims to recognise efforts to improve dental health and culture.

How does MindentMent's® CAMPUS-DENT program work?

The first 20 higher education institutions can join the program free of charge by filling out a simple application form.

Díjmentes fogászati állapotfelmérés grafika
Díjmentes panorámaröntgen felvétel
30% kedvezmény a fogszabályozás tervezésének árából grafika
25%-os kedvezmény fogfehérítésre grafika
25%-os kedvezmény fogkő-eltávolításra grafika

This programme is open to all staff and students of higher education institutions at no extra cost. MindentMent is one of the largest dental networks in Budapest, with 7 locations across the city and has more than 50 dentists, oral surgeons and orthodontists.

What is included in the
CAMPUS-DENT programme?

  1. Free dental check-up, status assessment and consultation – twice a year, at optional times.
  2. Free panoramic X-ray at the consultation – twice a year, at optional times.
  3. 30% discount on orthodontic planning,
  4. 25% discount on teeth whitening,
  5. 25% discount on plaque removal,
  6. All students and employees of the institute participating in the programme will be provided a special, dedicated interface to book their dental treatments online.

Companies that have already received the MindentMent Ambassador of Dental Culture award

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MindentMent® dental network with 7 clinics in Budapest

Have you ever wondered what makes a dental clinic reliable?

It’s important that patients are welcomed by friendly, trained doctors who provide painless treatment with professional equipment – at an affordable price. It is preferable if the clinic is easily accessible (or with multiple sites throughout the city), yet we feel the best indicator of reliability is how satisfied our patients are so far.

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We do everything for our patients, that's why we're called MindentMent. We are proud to have been recognised by our patients with an NPS score of 86. That's a better score than Netflix, Apple or Starbucks have. Our patients' satisfaction is the best testimonial for us. We wouldn't be surprised if some of your staff members or students have been our patients for years.

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Many people come to us because the happy smiles of their family, friends and co-workers convinced them that they made the right decision by choosing MindentMent®

We have established a team of expert dental specialists offering comprehensive and effective solutions to all the challenges of aesthetic, conservative dentistry as well as oral surgery and orthodontics.

karika grafika pipával
More than 50 dentists
Hungarian Dental Awards grafika
Dental practice of the year 2015
Az év magánrendelője grafika
Private practice of the year
2015 / 2016
Elmex referencia rendelő grafika
Loveable Jobs Award 2020
Az év betegbarát Szolgáltatója
Patient-friendly service provider
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5 reasons to choose MindentMent® CAMPUS-DENT

  1. You can offer all your staff and students a significant benefit free of charge.
  2. In addition to social responsibility, it gives you a competitive edge in the increasingly competitive market for students and a new way to recognise your employees.
  3. You can get high quality, painless dental treatments at MindentMent®'s eight modern clinics in Budapest.
  4. Free of charge examinations and discounts: free of charge condition assessment, examination, panoramic X-ray, 25% discount on dental hygiene treatments (full dental cosmetics: plaque removal, teeth whitening) and 30% discount on orthodontic planning.
  5. With our program and the Ambassador of Dental Culture trademark - which you can use on your website, in your job advertisements, promotional materials,... - you can further strengthen your brand.

Get to know the MindentMent® dental clinics

Ask for more information without obligation by filling out the form below and a member of our staff will help you answer your questions.

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22 years of professional experience


A multi-award winning clinic


Already in 7 different locations in Budapest

1054 Budapest, Báthory u. 24.
1024 Budapest, Retek utca 21-27.
1149 Budapest, Pillangó utca 12.
1054 Budapest, Báthory u. 23.
1122 Budapest, Városmajor utca 5.
1037 Budapest, Bécsi út 314/C
1115 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 105-113.

We look forward to hearing from you!
Andrea Gergely